Twee wedstrijden in 1 week

Better late then never, here is my report of the Specialized Enduro Terlago and Riva:

The first race was in Terlago Italy. The training was on Saturday. I rode all the stages 1 time, as you needed to pedal to all the stages and wasn’t allowed to use shuttles. This was already a hard day with the total was 40 km with 1500 hm. After the training it was time for the prolog. My prolog went good but I flatted my rear tire somewhere at the top, but luckily it wasn’t loosing air fast. So I could finish the stage and finished in 19th place. In the evening it started raining and it didn’t stop on Sunday. So it went form dusty tracks on Saturday to muddy tracks on Sunday. Stage 1 felt pretty good, although a bit slow in the beginning. On stage 2 there were some flat parts where I struggled to maintain speed. Stage 3 went well and the flat pedaling parts felt a lot better. After stage 3 there was the biggest transfer, about an hour. Stage 4 was my worst stage, it was very slippery and with a lot of flat and uphill parts in it I couldn’t maintain good speed. I knew I lost a lot of time when I finished. Stage 5 was the longest stage of the day with 8 minutes. The stage was very muddy but I felt good all the way down and had to overtake a lot of people. I finished in 29th place in the end of the day. Definitely not where I want to finish, but it wasn’t too bad either. I just need to work some more on my fitness and do some more downhill training especially in the mud.

terlago sfeer

After Terlago we went on to Riva del Garda. We arrived there on Monday. Training started on Thursday so I had some days to relax with my girl and kid as it was also a bit of a vacation. The weather was good again on Thursday and this time it was allowed to use shuttles. Luckily I could join some German riders who were going to shuttle. We did all the stages 2 times except stage 6 as we didn’t had any time anymore because it was almost time for the prolog. All the stages where very short with an overall time less than 10 minutes. Not really what I expected when I was coming to Riva so it was a bit disappointing. The Prolog was a lap on the City eliminator track in Riva. I had a good lap and came in first, but some big names where jet to start. I held on pretty long but in the end I finished in 6th position. I didn’t say anything for the next day as the times where pretty close but I was very happy with the result.

riva sfeer

The next day it was raining again and it kept raining all day long. Stage 1 and 2 went well. Stage 3 was a tricky one with a lot of slippery rocks. I managed to ride a good first part, but crashed on the lower part of the stage. Stage 4 was cancelled due to the bad weather. Stage 5 didn’t go as I wanted. I almost crashed again and wasn’t feeling good on my bike anymore after the first crash, I couldn’t find my rhythm. The last stage wasn’t good either, with a crash again. I finished in 57th place.
Although I had a very good week racing in Italty and gain some more experience, I couldn’t get the result I wanted. The next enduro race will be in Samerberg, Germany. Let’s see what I can do there!



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